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1/4 Ton M151 Mutt by Francois Verlinden

By Francois Verlinden

This fourteenth installment within the WARMACHINES sequence is the 3rd of the unique mini-files which makes use of the relatively few to be had pictures to rfile a helpful topic, hence the 1/4 ton M151 Mutt. This ebook advantages the reader by way of delivering special colour images of the Mutt in box stipulations, from the barracks car parking zone, to deplaning from a C-130 Hercules, to present process an engine switch, to serving with the IDF (Israeli safety Forces). Many information are published within the photos, together with engine, radios, batteries, hard-top kits, smooth tops, trailers, and extra. This e-book is very valuable to scale modelers wishing to enhance the Tamiya and Academy kits, in addition to to army lovers.

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