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Criticism Theory

1984 (Cliffs notes) by F. Thompson

By F. Thompson

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Both Julia and Winston are mentally Page 27 defeated before they have ever begun to fight. By not understanding the nature of the Party, Julia and Winston as a force against the Party are reduced in effectiveness without each other, and in different ways, the realization of their inadequacy gives them a further sense of the futility of their resistance. But while Winston is physically deteriorating, Julia is in her prime and is excessively healthy. Yet she is also the victim of Winston's mental aggressions.

Until the third part of the novel, we think of him as Winston's friend and co-conspirator. " All Winston has to go on is one or two knowing looks from O'Brien. O'Brien brings together all of the confusion and paradox of 1984. " Not only is he aware of the Party's lies, but he has helped perpetrate them as well. Page 28 At times, Winston sees him as a god or a benefactor, even though his face is brutal and powerful. In the end, we see him as a sadistic monster who totally destroys Winston as a human being by reducing him into something less than life, but little more than death.

Now that he has been freed to develop, his view of the world will become more unrealistic. Already he is extending the possible time of his relationship. In actuality, of course, they have very little time. Several symbols of importance appear in this section. The most striking, immediately, is the glass paperweight; for Winston it becomes a miniature world in which he can see himself and Julia safe from change and from life under Big Brother. The print of St. Clement's and the jingle about London churches remind him of the past, which is important both to him and to the Party.

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