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Symmetry And Group

2-Groups with normal noncyclic subgroups by Liman F.N.

By Liman F.N.

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The dilaton superfield S then transforms as S→Sϩi ␦ GS 2 ␣, (100) where V is the U(1) vector superfield. This then gives the Fayet-Iliopoulos term ␰ 2 ϭϪ ␦ GS ‫ ץ‬K . 2 ‫ץ‬S (101) Following Arkani-Hamed, Dine, and Martin (1998), we shall consider the model of Binetruy and Dudas (1996), which has, in addition to the anomalous U(1), an SU(N) gauge symmetry. The model contains the field ␾, an SU(N) singlet with U(1) charge Ϫ1 (assuming ␦ GS Ͼ0), and one flavor of SU(N), that is, fields Q and ¯ transforming as (N,q) and (N ¯ ,q ¯ ) under SU(N) Q ϫU(1).

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