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7 Dirty Words: The Life and Crimes of George Carlin by James Sullivan

By James Sullivan

In Seven soiled phrases, journalist and cultural critic James Sullivan tells the tale of different the United States from the Fifties to the current, from the singular vantage aspect of George Carlin, the Catholic boy for whom not anything used to be sacred. A serious biography, Seven soiled phrases is an insightful (and, after all, hilarious) exam of Carlin’s physique of labor because it pertained to its cultural instances and the fellow who created it, from his early days as amore-or-less traditional comic to his attractive transformation into the subversive comedic voice of the rising counterculture. Sullivan additionally chronicles Carlin’s struggles with censorship and medicine, in addition to the full-blown renaissance he skilled within the Nineteen Nineties, either in my opinion and professionally, while he grew to become an elder statesman to a more youthful new release of comics who respected him. Seven soiled phrases is not anything under the definitive biography of an American grasp who replaced the area, and in addition a piece of cultural observation which frames George Carlin’s remarkable legacy.

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They took a place together at the Dorothy Lane Apartments in Fort Worth’s historic Monticello neighborhood, and their conversations picked up where they’d left off in Boston. Mostly they talked about the things that made them both laugh. Comedy in America was undergoing some radical changes at the time. Mort Sahl was already established as the next generation’s politico humorist, an off-the-cuff cold war commentator with a trademark newspaper tucked under his arm. His grad-student analyses of global politics and the American system were a wholesale shift from the broad gags of Gleason and Uncle Miltie.

It was February 1960. The pair felt sure they were destined for stardom. Earle Fletcher, KXOL’s station manager, had heard such plans before. He was annoyed; he’d just spent a good deal of money having fan club cards printed for the host of the Hi-Fi Club. “A lot of people, young boys like yourself, have left to go to Hollywood,” he told Carlin. ” 306818295-text:Layout 1 3/23/10 4:12 PM Page 41 Class Clown | 41 BURNS AND CARLIN had $300 saved up. Their plan was to live off that until they could round up some nightclub appearances in Los Angeles.

The class clown already had a camera, but could he get his hands on a tape recorder? Mary Carlin had promised her younger son a gift for completing his studies at Corpus Christi. Carlin told his mother that’s what he wanted—a tape recorder. He thought of it as a training tool, infinitely more useful than his Latin textbooks. Carlin’s state-of-the-art, reel-to-reel tape recorder— “big as a Buick,” he joked—was one of the earliest commercially available models, made by the consumer electronics pioneer Webcor, the Webster-Chicago Corporation.

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