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Religious History

A Fire in the Bones by Albert J. Raboteau

By Albert J. Raboteau

"A fireplace within the Bones is greater than a heritage of black Christians: it's the compelling tale of the ways that black folks have grew to become to Christianity to explain their historical past and plight in the US and to undertaking their imaginative and prescient of redemption to the higher kingdom . . . A needs to read." --Craig Steven Wilder, long island Newsday "A significant contribution . . . fantastically narrated." --Rembert Weakland, the hot York occasions ebook evaluate

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To be pitied, that the masters of these negroes in most of the English colonies take little care of their spiritual welfare, and let them live on in their Pagan darkness. There are even some, who would be very ill pleased at, and would by all means hinder their negroes from being instructed in the doctrines of Christianity; to this they are partly led by the conceit of its being shameful, to have a spiritual brother or sister among so despicable a people; partly by thinking that they should not be able to keep their negroes so meanly afterwards; and partly through fear of the negroes growing too proud, on seeing themselves upon a level with their masters in religious matters.

Today the faith of black Americans in education as a solution to the intractable racial inequality of our society is severely threatened. Despite the current temptation to despair, I still share the former slaves' hope that education can help to make us free. Narrative and Meaning In my experience as historian and believer, faith and the academic life exist in a dialectical relationship of affinity and challenge. My faith and my historical scholarship reinforce and criticize each other in a variety of ways.

The preacher, like many white Christians before and since, thought there was no distance between him and his "people," no possible loss of rapport. He learned belatedly that the chasm was wide and deep. As one freedman succinctly stated: "We couldn't tell NO PREACHER NEBER how we suffer all dese long years. "13 Exodus No single story captures more clearly the distinctiveness of African-American Christianity than that of the Exodus. From the earliest days of colonization, white Christians had represented their journey across the Atlantic to America as the exodus of a New Israel; slaves identified themselves as the Old Israel, suffering bondage under a new Pharaoh.

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