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A History of Bunyoro-Kitara by A.R. Dunbar

By A.R. Dunbar

The e-book in short tackles the heritage of the traditional country of Bunyoro-Kitara from which all conceptions of kingship in Uganda originated. The e-book has been written in the course of the time in which I have been the King ruling in the succession of my ancestors. Kitara used to be a state of significant measurement stretching from Tanganyika to Lake Rudolf and from Lake Naivasha to the Ituri woodland within the Congo. via adverse and unjustifiable situations the state used to be decreased through the British to its current volume. half used to be made into a separate state, Toro, half used to be given to the former Belgian Congo and half used to be entrusted to Buganda—hence our misplaced Counties. In spite of being small the dominion nonetheless keeps its cultural satisfaction and traditions and at the related time cherishes its unquenchable spirit of regaining its misplaced Counties.

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Rebellions of the princes may be confused with succession wars, Rebellions are directed against an established Mukama and have been frequent in the traditions of the Babito. Isingoma Mpuga Rukidi suffered the defection of Buganda. Rebellions often occurred during wars with Buganda and may well have been instigated by the enemy. Rebellions occurred in the reigns of Olimi I, Nyabongo I and Winyi II, when Ankole, Karagwe, Rwanda and Busoga were lost. These were followed by a long period of stable rule, only interrupted by wars with Buganda and Ankole until the reign of Duhaga I when the prince in charge of Koki defied the Mukama.

Many Africans at the present time if asked who the Bachwezi were unhesitatingly reply Portuguese. 12 He states that the Bachwezi (lo-wat-Cwaa) and the Babito (Jo-wat-Bitho) were both part of the Lwoo movement southwards but that the smaller Bachwezi clan travelling west of the Nile reached Bunyoro first and began to rule. About a generation later the larger Babito clan arrived having travelled east of the Nile and the ruling Bachwezi deemed it expedient to withdraw voluntarily elsewhere. 13 He does not give a convincing explanation to account for the differences in custom and tradition existing between the pastoral kingdoms of the south-west, those further north dominated by the Babito and the countries occupied by the different offshoots of the Lwoo.

14 Again, foreign words in Runyoro and Luganda are often Nilotic in origin as are some clan names. But these words are not found further south. The Lwoo have no tradition of building or using earthworks. Physical and cultural differences are evident between the Bahima and the Lwoo. 15 Crazzolara concludes that the traditions of the Lwoo and of the Banyoro speak of one and the same invasion but he forgets that the Lwoo tell of one occupation and the Banyoro of two. His arguments apply to the Lwoo occupation.

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