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Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Vol. 27 by Sir David Bates, Benjamin Bederson (Eds.)

By Sir David Bates, Benjamin Bederson (Eds.)

This sequence is anxious with contemporary advancements within the basic zone of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. the sector is in a kingdom of fast development, as new experimental and theoretical concepts are positioned to undergo on many elderly and new difficulties. Such difficulties variety from experiences of the elemental houses of radiation and subject, via reports of hitherto inaccessible states of "ordinary" and unique atoms and molecules, the keep watch over of atoms and molecules through gentle, the behaviour of atoms and molecules in extreme radiations fields, the precise constitution of such structures, together with advanced molecules and molecular clusters, and quite a lot of interplay phenomena between atoms, molecules, and their constituent elements and fields. themes lined additionally contain similar utilized components, akin to atmospheric technological know-how, astrophysics, floor physics, and laser physics.

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W. 007" Source: 'Rackwitz et al. (1977); * Kasdan et al. (1975a); Al-Za'al et al. (1987); Schulz et al. (1982); Karo et al. (1978); Frenking and Koch (1986); 'Ortiz (1987a); 'Rosmus and Meyer (1978); Kalcher and Janoschek (1986); j Kasdan et al. (1975b); 'Zittel and Lineberger (1976); Janousek and Brauman (1981); " Olson and Liu (1980); " Lewerenz et al. (1983); Ortiz (1987b), q Ortiz (1988a); ' Stevens et al. (1981); ' Spence et al. (1982); 'Chapman et al. (1988); " Smyth and Brauman (1972); ' Freidho5 et al.

2 x eV. This corresponds to the energy of the lowest final state (the J = 9, K = 2 state) they could detect by its autodetachment. It is therefore an upper limit. Moreover, there may be one or more lower states that autodetach too slowly to be detected. A method for calculating the relative positions and widths of lines in the photodetachment spectra from the anions of polar molecules has been developed by Clary (1988). It is based on determining the rotationally adiabatic potentials on which the electron moves and finding the positions and widths of shape or Feshbach resonances on these potentials.

Peterson and Woods (1987, 1989) have carried out many-body perturbation theory calculations on CN-, on another 14-electron anion BO- and on the 22-electron analogs AlO-, SiN-, CP-, and BS- Table XVI gives the derived EAs and spectroscopic constants. , 1971). Included in Table XVI are the results of coupled cluster calculations on PO- by Adamowicz et al. (1988). 01 A, and lo00 i-70 cm-') that Zittel and Lineberger (1976) obtained by fixedfrequency-laser photoelectron spectroscopy. 010 eV, o,= 1020 f 80 cm-') that Zittel and Lineberger discovered.

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