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Advances in Molecular Plant Nematology by Sean R. Eddy (auth.), F. Lamberti, C. De Giorgi, David McK.

By Sean R. Eddy (auth.), F. Lamberti, C. De Giorgi, David McK. Bird (eds.)

Plant parasitic nematodes are a first-rate pest to plants. For ex am pie, the root-knot nematodes belonging to the genus Meloidogyne are world wide of their distribution and assault nearly all kinds of crop, inflicting massive losses of yield and affecting caliber of produce. The cyst nematodes in the genera Globodera and Heterodera represent a big staff of plant pathogens in lots of nations through the global, suppressing yields of potato, sugar beet, soybean and cereals. numerous nematodes resembling longidorids and trichodorids are implicated within the transmission of diverse plant viruses. Many others reason constraints to agricultural construction both in the community or on huge components. although, regardless of their monetary significance (they account for around the globe crop relief in way over 10%), plant parasitic nematodes are nonetheless poorly understood, simply because so much of them are obligate parasites of roots. Environmental matters over the rural use of insecticides call for the improvement of different measures to manage them. to accomplish environmentally sound keep watch over, wisdom of the fundamental biology of nematodes has to be extended. vital study components contain knowing the molecular bases for pathogenicity, the molecular mechanisms of the host­ parasite interactions and the genetic bases for inhabitants fluctuations. The workshop has, for the 1st time, introduced jointly a world crew of researchers utilizing molecular ways to review plant parasitic nematodes and their host responses.

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These observations suggest that excision and transposition of some Tel elements are regulated by "trans" acting factors. , 1988b). Thus germ line excision and insertion may be regulated in the same manner and, as suggested earlier, may reflect different stages of the transposition process. Mutator activity. The mutator activity necessary for germline Tel transposition in the BQ strain is under intensive investigation. A previous study suggested that multiple genetic components are involved. This was demonstrated by systematic chromosome replacement using marked N2 chromosomes, showing that the mutator activity of the BQ strain was not restricted to a single region (Moerman and Waterston, 1984).

Other genes, which would be expected not to produce visible mutant phenotypes, are those that are present in multiple copies, such as rRNA or some collagen genes. As weIl, genes that are functionally redundant, where one gene product although biochemically different from the modified gene can act as its functional replacement, will not have easily identifiable mutant phenotypes. Most of the genes in C. elegans are expected to be homologous to genes in other organisms, and thus, C. elegans genetic resources will be of value for the understanding of gene function in many other species.

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