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Aids to Survival by O'Meagher, Bert

By O'Meagher, Bert

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3. Never fight against the current or hold onto submerged logs or rocks. 4. Keep your boots on and avoid loose baggy clothing. 5. Wear thermal clothing next to the skin in cold conditions. 6. Waterproof your pack, loosen the shoulder straps and unfasten the waistband. 57 AIDS TO SURVIVAL CHAPTER 7 Bush First Aid First Aid is what you can do to assist an injured person at the scene using only what is available under the prevailing circumstances. You may only have your two hands, remember that first aid does not rely on equipment.

You do not need to be a skilled hunter to obtain food in the bush. Even without weapons of any description enough lizards, insects and grubs can be found to keep a person alive for several days simply by looking under rocks and dead branches, tree stumps and anthills. • If possible all foods should be cleaned carefully by washing, then cooked, thus lessening the chances of any infection or stomach upsets. • Generally bush food is tough, fibrous, unpalatable, and to some, even nauseating; nevertheless it is food.

This type of trap is generally successful at night when the animal cannot see the snare. Care should be taken not to leave any human smell on the wire. Owing to the cruel nature of the snare, it should only be used when other methods fail. If setting a snare look for signs of fur around a tree's base or signs along a fence line to indicate where an animal has passed through. Animals will return to the same place to sleep and will continue to negotiate fences at the same spot. The animal snare 33 AIDS TO SURVIVAL The reef knot snare The possum snare The pit trap 34 AIDS TO SURVIVAL The bait-stick snare The toggle stick release snare The toggle stick deadfall 35 AIDS TO SURVIVAL The figure four deadfall Note: Remember traps and snares are illegal in Western Australia and should only be used in survival situations when your life is in danger.

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