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Anatomy of the Horse (Vet (Schlutersche)) by Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

By Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

A revised version of a really winning ebook. the recent variation comprises new chapters at the eye, stomach, lady replica, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is fantastically illustrated all through with color drawings, pictures, and radiographs supplying the reader with precise details at the constitution, functionality, and scientific program of all equine physique structures and their interplay within the reside animal. Already stated through scholars and lecturers as a necessary source for studying and revision, this 5th variation can be a worthy reference for veterinary practitioners and if you personal and paintings with horses.

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The muscles of the eyelids are thin and delicate; they include the levator anguli oculi medialis (22), the orbicularis oculi (23), and the malaris (9). Only two of the numerous ear muscles warrant mention. The long parotidoauricularis (28) lies on the lateral surface of the parotid gland and passes dorsally to the auricular cartilage. The cervicoauricularis supf. (29), caudomedial to the ear, is innervated by both the facial (VII) and the great auricular (C2) nerves. This is important in the diagnosis of facial paralysis; the ear, contrary to expectation, remains elevated by the activity of the muscle from its partial supplied by the second cervical nerve.

Near the sternomandibularis (sternocephalicus) insertion arises the ventral masseteric vein (17) which passes almost ventrally into the masseter. Before the maxillary vein turns rostrally medial to the ramus of the mandible, it releases the supf. temporal vein (16). This vessel, after a short course to the level of the temporomandibular joint, sends the transverse facial vein (14) rostrally along the ventral aspect of the zygomatic arch. The transverse facial vein, near its origin, gives off the dorsal masseteric vein (25) and then is dilated (see p.

13 Dorsal nasal a. and v. 14 Angularis oculi a. and v. 15 Masseteric a. and v. 16 Caudal auricular a. and v. 17 Supf. temporal vein 18 Rostral auricular a. and v. 19 Transverse facial a. and v. 20 Dorsal masseteric vein 21 Inferior and superior lateral palpebral veins 22 Maxillary a. and v. 23 Inferior alveolar a. and v. 24 External ophthalmic a. 25 Supraorbital a. and v. 26 27 28 29 30 a Dilation of transverse facial vein b Dilation of deep facial vein c Dilation of buccal vein Malar a. Infraorbital a.

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