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à ост Кристаллоь / Rost Kristallov / Growth of Crystals: by E. Kaldis (auth.), A. A. Chernov (eds.)

By E. Kaldis (auth.), A. A. Chernov (eds.)

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The measured transport rates were in good agreement with the expected ones. The moles of metal transported in the W-Br2 system were calculated [10] from the equations given by Schafer [2] and Lever [11]. The gaseous components are WBr5' WBr4,Br2, and Br in the temperature range when tungsten is the main solid component, with WBr4 representing the principal vapor component. The amounts of tungsten transported tended to decrease as the bromine pressure increased, and this can lead to reversal of the transport to some extent on account of the numerous possible reactions above a certain critical point, particularly via the reaction W + 4WBr" (g) ;::: 5WBr.

KALDIS 23 a parabolic dependence of the growth rate on the growth time should result. This is actually the case in a first approximation, for growth times up to 6 hr. 4) transport of molybdenum on the charge. With increasing transport time a plug of dendritic molybdenum wool is built on the charge. This explains the decrease of the growth rate since the transporting gases must diffuse through this plug. If diffusion becomes rate determining for the EuS growth, the growth rate should be changing linearly with time (or, according to the above, with supersaturation).

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