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Asthma: Immunopathology and Immunotherapy / Immunopathologie by Dr. L. W. Poulter, C. Power, C. Hutter, S. Sreenan, C. Burke

By Dr. L. W. Poulter, C. Power, C. Hutter, S. Sreenan, C. Burke (auth.), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kummer (eds.)

Das Konzept des allergischen bronchial asthma hat lange Zeit so sehr dominiert, da? die Immunotherapie vielfach ohne gesicherte diagnostische Grundlage, halbherzig oder ohne die Feinheiten der Allergenvermeidung angewendet wurde. Die Forschung der letzten zehn Jahre hat uns eine derartige Ausweitung unseres Wissenshorizontes beschert, da? es an der Zeit schien, ma?gebliche Autoren zur gemeinsamen Diskussion der neuen Aspekte einzuladen. Das Buch berichtet von den neuesten Erkenntnissen uber zellulares Verhalten, unterschiedliche Zytokinmuster und autoimmunologische Aspekte bis hin zur modernen Allergenvermeidung, aber auch von der wirksamen medikamentosen Therapie der eosinophilen Entzundung the idea that of bronchial asthma being an "allergic illness in simple terms" has ruled above others to an quantity, second look of this factor within the gentle of very fresh effects from learn in immunopathology appeared greater than late. This quantity presents a present suggestion of conception and medical perform of immunopathology and remedy of bronchial asthma, comprising vast and fresh laboratory facts on atopy, intrinsic bronchial asthma, facets of autoimmunology, in addition to directions for allergen avoidance, immunotherapy and - final no longer least - pharmacological remedy of eosinophilic irritation.

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A third step is the alteration of the responsiveness of the circulating cell to chemotactic and chemokinetic signals. Several studies have shown that chemotactic signals indeed are generated in asthmatics (reviewed in [58, 59] and [52]). What is puzzling is the non-selective nature of these signals. I. e. they will equally well attract eosinophils and neutrophils. It is therefore likely that other mechanisms are responsible for the selection of the type of cell that is ultimately concentrated in the particular tissue.

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