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Atlas of Gastrointestinal Surgery (Two-Volume Set) (Books) by Emilio Etala, Etala, Alfred Axtmayer

By Emilio Etala, Etala, Alfred Axtmayer

Atlas illustrating the surgeries used to regard gastrointestinal tract ailment, for practitioners. Covers surgical anatomy, the preoperative and intraoperative prognosis, and surgical indication. Translation. DNLM: Gastrointestinal approach - surgical procedure - atlases.

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One concern is that BoNT may increase inflammation in the mucosa and muscle planes, and lead to greater difficulty for subsequent myotomy. Studies in pigs showed fibrotic changes in the LES after BoNT injection [44]. However, most histological studies in humans show that there are no significant changes in muscle [45], and post-surgical studies show no significant differences in outcome after BoNT treatment [46]. One abstract with limited number of cases suggests that a prior BoNT may increase perforation risk of subsequent PD [47].

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