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Religious History

Bede: A Biblical Miscellany by W. Trent Foley, Arthur G. Holder

By W. Trent Foley, Arthur G. Holder

This quantity includes six of Bede's shorter biblical writings, such a lot of which look right here in translation for the 1st time - On Tobias, at the Resting areas, Thirty questions about the publication of Kings, On 8 Questions, at the Holy locations and the letter On What Isaiah Says. Taken jointly, they display his striking versatility as a biblical exegete.

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5-6) 5 Acts 1:9-12. Adamnan De loc. SMC. 1,23 (CCSL 175: 199,6-14) 6 Adamnan De loc. SMC. 1,23 (CCSL 175: 199,6-7) 7 Ibid. (CCSL 175: 200, 26-31 and 42-4) 8 Cf. Ambrose EXp. Psalm. CXVIII 8, 17: ‘fulgenteeius lumine pavefactus est’ (CSEL 62: 160, 14-5); Adaninan De loc. sum. 66) 9 Acts 2 2 . Adamnan De loc. saw. 1, 23 (CCSL 175: 201, 67-76). , chapter six) of De loc. sutzc. from its beginning up to this point in Hkf. eccl. 5, 17 (ed. Colgrave and Mynors, 51G12). ’Now Bethany is 15 stades from Jerusalem.

In the vicinity of the temple one can see the pool of Bethsaida. which is known for its twin reservoirs. One of them is mostly filled by winter showers, while the other is variegated in colour because of its red water. From the side of Mount Zion that has a steep cliflfacing east, the spring of Siloam rushes forth inside the walls and toward the foot of the hill. Itflows south with a sporadic stream of water? that is, its water bubbles up not constantly, but [only] on certain hours and days. Usually it comes with a loud roar through the hollows of the earth and cavities of extremely hard rock.

5:13; Adamnan De loc. SMC. 2, 17 (CCSL 175: 214,6-13) 8 Hegesippus Hisr. 8-10); Pliny Nut. Hisr. 5, 15,72 (LCL 2:274) 9 Hegesippus Hisr. 4, 18 (CSEL66: 270, 10-13) 10 Ibid. (CSEL 66: 270,649 ~271) 20 BEDE: A BIBLICAL MISCELLANY 3. ’ It has been confirmed that lumps of bitumen drip in a jet black liquid on the water’s surface, and the natives gather them in skiffs. They say that the bitumen stick to itself and cannot be broken apart at all with a sword, [that it] dissolves only by a woman’s menstrual blood or by urine.

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