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Best 100 Birdwatching Sites in Australia by Sue Taylor

By Sue Taylor

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Where are you able to see 400,000 breeding pairs of rockhopper penguins? the place is the easiest position in Australia to watch Yellow Chats? And the place is the single position in Australia you could have a detailed come upon with nesting Lesser Noddies? recognized birder and writer of ways Many Birds Is That?, Why Watch Birds? and John Gould's Extinct and Endangered Birds of Australia, Sue Taylor will make you need to pack your binoculars and hit the line, as she takes you on a travel of her most sensible a hundred Australian birdwatching websites: from suburban parks to distant off-shore islands.

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It’s on the Olympic Highway 25 kilometres south of Wagga Wagga, 96 kilometres north of Albury. 5 kilometres west of the township and comprises 350 hectares of beautiful bush. The reserve has a large car park and covered picnic tables where Roger can read his newspaper while I admire the sittellas and the babblers. I love this sort of open eucalypt woodland with grey box, Blakely’s red gum, white box and the occasional white cypress-pine. They tell me that the vegetation changes higher up and the white box dominates.

They say that Peregrine Falcons and Wedge-tailed Eagles nest up high on The Rock, but the only raptors I’ve ever seen in the reserve are a Square-tailed Kite and a Brown Goshawk. I’m surprised The Rock doesn’t feature in other people’s lists of top birding sites. It has never let me down. I’ve never been there without seeing something exciting, although I’ve never seen a Turquoise Parrot or Glossy Black-Cockatoos, which are both on the bird list. I always see Speckled Warblers, Red-capped Robins, Brown Treecreepers, Chestnut-rumped Thornbills, Apostlebirds and sometimes a Leaden Flycatcher.

When I was last there (September 2009), the Kakadu woollybutt had prolific magnificent orange flowers, full of Silver-crowned Friarbirds. At Nourlangie Rock we saw Little Woodswallows as well as Black-tailed Treecreepers, Spangled Drongos and Northern Fantails sitting up straight and erect unlike other fantails. Orange-footed Scrubfowl went about their scratching, ignoring us completely, and White-throated Honeyeaters were common in the canopy. We saw several Forest Kingfishers and lots of Banded Fruit-Doves, making me wonder how I’d missed them on previous trips.

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